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Analysis on wind resistance of crane
- Oct 09, 2013 -

1. the crane wind resistance problem is put forward

The wind resistance of crane is an important problem in the design of hoisting equipment and the safety regulations and rules specify the wind resistance safety facilities of bridge crane.  However, wind damage accidents of large-scale port rail cranes often occur, and several cranes collapse into the sea together in severe cases.

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In front of the accident, it is reasonable to doubt the correctness of the original rules and theory and put forward new theory, introduce new wind resistance device.  However, it is more beneficial to analyze the cause of the accident carefully and objectively, find the common ground of the accident, and solve the problem scientifically and thoroughly.

2. the crane wind accident in common

 What do accidents have in common?  One is that the scene of the storm about the quantitative wind is very fuzzy, all say the wind is very big, but no one can say how strong is the wind.  However, the local weather has no very strong wind, such as more than 12.  Compare the local photos and videos of the storm with the description of the Beaufort wind scale on all levels of wind, and all the wind at the scene of the accident shall not exceed level 10.  How can this level of wind blow crane?  Confused people put forward that the wind damage the scene of the wind, not the general wind, but squall line wind or tornadoes.  Perhaps there is this kind of wind, but this kind of wind seems to be special toward the crane, even if the trees and buildings close at hand, but can survive, is a bit odd.

 Moreover, what is common to the accident is that all the wind-blown cranes, without exception, go through the coasting process before tipping over. Brake is an important safety component of bridge crane equipment, has the function of preventing hanging objects falling, parking, etc. Only the brake is in good condition, crane operation accuracy and safety production can be guaranteed.