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Characteristics of gantry crane
- Sep 01, 2012 -

Crane is widely used in heavy industry, building materials and other large areas of crane equipment. In order to be able to adapt to more places, Cranes have evolved from single to multiple types. the most common ones are single beam crane, double beam crane, jib crane, etc. The double beam crane can be divided into gantry crane and bridge crane, the gantry crane is more common. So, what are the characteristics of gantry crane?

 1,Its height is small which can reduce the height of the crane plant.

 2, Its weight is lighter which can reduce the load of the plant to a certain extent.

 3, The speed reducer adopts a hard tooth surface so that the service life of the whole machine can be effectively prolonged.

 4, Its main girder connection using high strength bolt assembly, so the transportation is very convenient.

 5, A large number of machining equipment is adopted, the whole machining is carried out, the structure deformation is small, and the assembly precision is high.

 6, Reducer, drum, coupling and other parts can be free from maintenance during overhaul period.

 7, Its operating mechanism adopts the hard tooth surface three-in-one reducer and the arrangement is compact, operation is smooth .

 8, It is more popular than other cranes because of its high site utilization, wide operation range and versatility.

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