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Characteristics of rail-type container gantry cranes
- Nov 21, 2014 -

Rail-mounted container gantry cranes are mainly used for the loading, unloading, handling, and stacking of containers in containerized rail transit and large container storage yards. Rail-mounted container gantry cranes consist of main skids, rigid and flexible door legs, running trolleys, hoisting gears, cart operating mechanisms, electrical systems, and operating cabs. Rail-mounted container gantry cranes have the following characteristics:

1 The lifting speed is lower and the speed of the cart is higher. According to the requirements of the container yard, the lifting height of the rail-type container gantry crane is determined by stacking three to four or stacking four to five. Since the lifting height is not high, the lifting speed is correspondingly low. However, the container yard generally has a long length in the direction of the running track. In order to achieve a certain productivity, the speed of the large vehicle is high.

2 The running speed of the trolley can be determined according to the bridge span and the outreach distances at both ends. When the span and cantilever length are small, the trolley running speed and productivity requirements are relatively less desirable. When the span is large and the cantilever length is also large, the trolley running speed can be increased accordingly to meet the productivity requirements.

3 When the span exceeds 40m, during the high-speed operation of the cart, offset will occur due to the different running resistances of the two door legs. For this purpose, a synchronization device is provided to maintain the synchronization of the running speeds of both sides of the operating mechanism through the electric control system.

4 In order to meet the higher requirements, the electric drive control system uses thyristor DC or AC speed control drive control system to achieve better speed and control performance. The electrical control system can also use conventional AC eddy current speed control or AC stator speed regulation drive control system. For the electric control system of the high-speed vehicle running mechanism, the thyristor DC and AC speed control system with electric brake or the AC stator voltage regulation and speed control system is usually used to avoid the use of the conventional electric drive system when the vehicle is parked. Braking brake, so as not to bring a huge impact on the machine.