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Double Beam Cast Overhead Crane
- May 20, 2018 -

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Name:Double Beam Cast Overhead Crane

Condition: New

Maximum Lifting Height: >40m

Main Girder Form: Single Girder and Double Girder

Capacity: 0~100 Ton

Span: 0~50m

Color: Yellow and Black

Paint: Three Coat

Power Source: Electric

Specification: CE, TUV, ISO

Certification: CE, ISO9001, TUV

Operation Form: Air Operation+Ground Operation

Maximum Lifting Weight: 100t

Type: Bridge Crane

Lifting Height: 0~30m

Material: Steel Structure

Surface Treatment: Sandblasting

Certificate: ISO9001, SGS, Ce

Sling Type: Wire Rope

Transport Package: Wooden Case, Nude

Origin: Xinxiang, Henan

Product Description

They are applicable to the transfer asssembly, check and repair as well as load and unload at mechanic processing workshop, subsidiary workshop of metallurgical mills, warehouse, goods yard and power station. They can also be used instead of common double-girder overhead crane at production workshop in light textiles or food industry.

It's prohibited to work in environment with combustible, explosive or corrosive media. Two operating methods are room controlling and ground controlling. The working tempreture is -25~40°C.Power source is 3pH, 380V, 50Hz or other under customer requirement.

Safety features

1.Overload warning and limiter
2.Lifting height limit device
3.Voltage lower protection function
4.Phase sequence protection function
5.Emgergency stop function
6.Hooks with latch
7.Rubber buffers

We manufacture all models Overhead Cranes, such as:

1.LD Model Single Girder EOT Cranes, Lifting capacity from 0.5t -32tons.
2.LH Model Hoist type Double Girder EOT Cranes, Lifting capacity from 2t- 50/10tons, Work duty: M3- M4.
3.QD Model Winch type Double girder EOT Cranes, Lifting capacity from 5t -660/200/50tons, Work duty:M5- M7.
4.LB Model Explosion proof type Single girder EOT Cranes, Lifting capacity from 0.5t- 20tons.
5.QZ Model Grab type EOT Cranes, Lifting capacity from: 5t- 20tons.
6.YZ Model Casting type Double girder EOT Cranes, Lifting capacity from 10t -125/50tons.
7.QB Model Explosion proof type double girder EOT Cranes, Lifting capacity from 5- 75/20tons.
8.Slewing type EOT Cranes, Lifting capacity: 5+5t -20+20tons.
9.LX model suspension type single girder EOT Cranes, Lifting capacity: 1t -10tons.

10.All kinds Manual type EOT Cranes,

Please kindly tell us your detailed requirement and the working conditions, we can help you to choose which model is much more suitable for your requirement.

If those are your want, please kindly advise us following information so that we can offer best and suitable overhead crane and price for you:
1.Single Girder Or Double Girder?
4.Lifting Height?
5.Power Supply?
6.Work Duty?
7.Is there any requirment for Lifting Speed and Traveling Speed?
8.Need Column?Runway Beam? Runway Rail?

More Choice

-Painting Color: According to your specific demands
-Cabin: Open or Close
-Span and Lifting Height according to the installation Environment and your specific demands.