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Energy-saving optimization of bridge cranes
- May 29, 2014 -

1.Improve the control system. The speed control system is changed to a frequency control system because the  frequency control system is not only highly efficient, but also has a good energy saving effect.

2.Overhead crane adopts new theories, new technolFogies, new materials, new processes and new methods. New materials can be considered; using high-strength nylon instead of cast iron or steel can not only extend life, but also reduce noise. H-shaped steel is used instead of plate, which can also save the consumption of structural data, and the bending resistance can be improved. Using new processes; for example, improving the painting process can be a good way to catch up with the quality of anti-corrosion paint. 

3.Enhance daily maintenance to extend the life of the crane. Daily support work is often ignored by people. Therefore, we should strive to improve it so as to achieve energy saving. There are problems in the energy-saving aspect of China's hoisting machinery, and it is necessary to implement step by step, down-to-earth. At the same time, the energy-saving problem of lifting machinery is not only a requirement, but also a national sustainable development policy. It is more related to the future of our country.

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