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Free Rotating Manual/Electric Light Duty Gantry Portal Crane
- May 28, 2017 -

Basic InfoFree Rotating Manual Electric Light Duty Gantry Portal Crane.jpg

Condition: New

Maximum Lifting Height: <10m

Type: Common Gantry Crane

Feature: Small Gantry Crane

Span: 3-9m

Specification: CE

Certification: CE, ISO9001

Maximum Lifting Weight: <20t

Operation Form: Ground Operation

Main Girder Form: Single Girder

Capacity: 500kg-5t

Adjustable Lifting Height: 3-9m

Transport Package: Plastic Cloth

Origin: Henan, China


1) Reasonable structure
2) Favorable performance
3) Smooth starting and stopping
4) Safe and reliable traveling
5) Low noise, commodious cabin and good view
6) Convenient maintenance, excellent exchangeability for parts and components
7) Most energy-saving


Assembly workshop, manufacturing plant, warehouse, laboratory room, maintenance plant,
Freight station, repair shops, machine tool processing workshop, mold assembly, research laboratory, warehouse, auto repair factory, especially suitable for customers with load walking conditions.In many places, especially some confined place, where the general overhead crane or gantry crane is not applicalbe, the manual gantry crane is a very useful sololution.  It is a light duty, easy installation, easy operation equippment. It is designed with rubber wheel ,by which, it can run on concrete floor.  The universal wheel on front can lead the gantry to any point by any direction. The driving wheels can be electrical or manual type according to the site situation.

Beam Height Adjusted

The beam height can be rasied to different height.  It is very useful when certain area has some low roof.  As a result, you do not have to buy different cranes or tools. We provide 3 type of height adjusted gantry: Lever raising; Winch raising and Turbine raising model. 
1. Lever raise model:
Two(2) levers are installed on both side, and it is more compact and convinient to raise the beam.  It is most popular among our clients.
2.Winch raise model: 
By using 2 sets of winch on both side of the leg, the beam can be raised by different height accoring to the requirement.
3. Turbine raise model:
This is a patent designing from our company, and it is the only designing among our competitors all around the world.   The raising is precisely by mm and can be raised to any point according to the site situation.  In many cases, the user can raise the beam as close as possible to the roof, then, give a maximum of lift height than any other lifting equippment.
Assemble and Disamemble
1. Bolt connection
All loose parts are connected by high-strength bolts. 2 worker can assemble them at site easily.
2. Nut embeded design
Ground beam has a nut embeded designing.  This makes the assemble work very simple.  All bolts and nuts are matched perfectly.
3. Span alternative
Clinet can order differnet span of beams to meet the same legs.  It can be assembled according to different working site.
4. Other features 
Heavy-Duty Casters: Four-position, swivel-lock casters with moldon polyurethane wheels for excellent floor protection.
Technical Parametre

Type Capacity(t) Height(m) Span(m) Beam(mm)
PT3-0.5 0.5  3-9m 3-9m 140
PT3-1 1  3-9m 3-9m  160
PT3-2 2  3-9m 3-9m 160
PT3-3 3  3-9m 3-9m 200
PT3-5 5  3-9m 3-9m 250


1. Trackless electric running.

2. Can be free to turn.

3. load-assisted walking.

4. drive with clutch.

5. electric manual convertible.