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Harbor Offshore Equilibrium Handler Balance Portal Crane for Bulk Material
- Jun 21, 2017 -

Basic InfoHarbor Offshore Equilibrium Handler Balance Portal Crane for Bulk Material.jpg

Model NO.: Equilibrium handler

Specification: port ship

Origin: Henan, China

Product Description

1. Safety control system

There are two reliable operation mode, working &install mode.It has many advanced function like real-time display the levelness, stop working when it seprate from the crane, emergency electrical control, lightning protection, closed circuit monitoring, complete safety&monitor system.

2. Excellent operating performance
The handle has good micro-motion performance and no impact inertia. Main valve has LUDV function, which is independent of load pressure flow distribution. The control mode of the main pump is LAI. It means power regulation with override control by the pilot pressure control, but also can realize the load sensitive function.

The control system uses the PLC program control, I / O expansion module, data transmission using CAN bus communication protocol and network structure, fault alarm display system, real-time display of the crane system recorder, the realization of system fault alarm loop-saving.

Torque limiting system, with warning, alarm, forced overload and forced to cut off the working system of four heavy protection function, this control system have certain advantages in reliability, comfort, advanced aspects. 

3. Reliable assurance of function

The key components are all international famous brand, the safety margin of structure and mechanism design is sufficient. Control system can be working stable in cold, high temperature, as well as the wind and sand in the harsh environment.

4.Convenient maintenance technology

It will take no more than 10minutes to reach the Location of adjustable.
It will take no more than 30minutes to reach the Location of adjustable area.
The maximum maintenance close to the time is not greater than 2h.
And equipped with GPS remote monitoring system to facilitate users to carry out equipment maintenance and management.

5. better economic features
This crane has a lot of differences from the old type, it can reduce the work of the operator. The whole structure is easy and uses hydraulic system, easy for maintenance and won't cost much.

6. Flexible Application Area
This type of crane can be installed on all kinds of ports, vessels and factories with high efficiency. It is not only used for handing equipment, but also used for treating industrial materials.

Structure features of equilibrium crane

1.Hinged four-bar structure boom.

2.Hoisting and luffing by cylinders drive four pole structure, double hydraulic tank can work separately or together.

3.Dynamic four-bar hinge structure, the head connects the spreader, the end can be weight itself.

4.No wire rope system.

5.Wheel type long travel or Walking tractor travel system, see picture.

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