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KBK Soft And Light Combined Type Crane
- Oct 31, 2016 -

Basic InfoKBK Soft And Light Combined Type Crane.jpg

Model NO.: KBK

Type: Beam

Transport Package: Wooden Case

Origin: China

Brief introduction

KBK soft and light combined type crane including KBK single beam, KBK double beam, KBK monorail suspension crane, KBK stacker, KBK boom crane etc. most of them all match NL type chain hoist and adapt to a very wide range.


1. Reliability, high stability
The component parts of KBK system are all standard modules, this system is very reliable, so we can guarantee products large quantities and high quality. The body of system modules including different specifications cold rolled sections, strong, stiffness and light weight which guarantee the stable of the whole system. Connection components all adopt galvanized, and good-looking appearance.

2. Complete standardized components
KBK system have a comprehensive library of standard components: straight track, curved track, switches, steering wheel, lifts, etc. they all have unified connection size, they can be connected easily as the requirement of logistics, and finish many kinds of structure to realize varieties of functions, for example: using turnouts to achieve orbit branching and merging, through steering wheel realize track cross and control the into and exit of trolley.

3. Adaptable
KBK system could establish specific logistics project according to the requirement of every factory. This system is suitable for almost any conditions and occasions and could be located in all-sized workshop flexibly. Both the transformation from the fixed point to the high accuracy multi-points and the automatic pipeline with multi-sections could be assembled accordingly. In this way, the process such as in-warehouse, out warehouse, transformation and access could completed within one procedure without the assist of other tools, so it make the best use of the inside height. The system could be applied in both new-designed factory and the renewal or extension of the old factory.

4. Easy installation, Cost effective
KBK system installation and debugging is very convenient. Connection between KBK section and the standard module with bolt, can greatly save space and area of the factory, to reduce the energy consumption and improve the efficiency of the enterprise.

5. Compact structure, Light weight, Large work space
KBK system is mainly used with chain hoist, its whole structure is compact, its low structural weight, light weight, can realize long-span suspension, working space is broad, lifting space is large.

The operation conditions of KBK flexible light composite crane

1.KBK system applicable to general workshop, warehouse and working-place where need moving goods low of 3.2t, requested environment temperature is -20~+60oC.
2. The altitude of the KBK system installation location should be no more than 1500m, general work indoors. When the KBK flexible light combined crane working in outdoors, in the environment with corrosive gas and liquid, and the temperature outside -20~+60oC, special protective measures should be taken.

Scope of supply

Single beam suspension crane: Reasonable installation size, light weight.

In small span and little load situation, the single suspension crane can be adopted, we can supply KBK-Single beam suspension crane which load capacity from 80kg to 2000kg, which span from 3m to 9m.

Double beam suspension crane: Large lifting height, span and capacity.

In large span and heavy load situation, the double beam suspension crane can be adopted. We can supply KBK-Double beam suspension crane which load capacity from 80kg to 3200kg, which span from 4m to 14m.