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Maintenance of hoist crane
- Nov 27, 2011 -

For safety and high altitude operation, users are required to specify the maintenance plan according to the actual situation, with the following tips for checking at least half a year or a year.

  1. The bolt connection line, the bolt connection of the foot bolt, and the bolt connection with the end cover of the stopper. The bolt connection of the rotating arm and the bolt connection installed by the driving device.

2, fit and wear part of the gourd, car / load-bearing beam to adopt a pin connection and wear. The movement of wheels, wheels and cantilever supports to slow down and wear. After 6 months, lithium or calcium based grease is added once. Inspection of electrical equipment, including the wear of the cable slider, the damage of the flat cable and so on.

3, the wear of stop gear.

4, electric hoist inspection and maintenance, electric hoist inspection and maintenance should be carried out by the designated personnel, according to the corresponding provisions to check the electric hoist, chain and walking driving device.

5, when the damage exceeds the relevant prescribed value, the parts should be replaced.

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