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MHB type gantry crane
- Oct 05, 2015 -

MHB type gantry crane.jpgBasic Info

Name:  MHB type gantry crane             

Model: MHB

Lifting mode: Electric
Lifting weight: 2~10(t)
Lifting height(h): 6~9(m)
Span: 10~20(m)
Specific size can be customized according to customer demand!

Product Discription

More compact structure
Semi gantry crane, the weight of the equipment is reduced, the wheel pressure becomes small, and the operation is easy to operate.

Space occupancy
Semi gantry crane with single leg shape, make full use of the column and the bracket of the plant, effectively improve the plant utilization of space.

Work more efficient
Semi gantry crane can be used with the same workshop, improve the working efficiency.Function is not reduced.

The advantages and functions of the half portal crane.

MH Gantry Crane    
Lifting capacityt516
lifting heightm6,996,99
traveling mechanismtravelinggroundm/min2020
controlling roomn20  30  40 30      40
motorground ZDY1(D)21-4/0.8*2YDR132M2-6/4*2YZR132M2-6/6.3*2YZR160M1-6/6.3*2YZR160M2-6/8.5*2
controlling room ZDR100-4(D)1.5*2
reducer LDZSC400ZSC400ZSC(A)600
wheel dianeter ∮270∮400∮400∮500
electric hoisttype CD1      MD1 CD1
lifting speed 8  8/0.83.5
travelling speedm/min2020
motorlitfingnZD141-4/7.5  ZDS10.8/7.5ZD151-4/13  
Working systemnA5A5
steel track recommended P24P38P38P43
power source 380V 50HZ380V 50HZ
the crane weightground 8.4/9.89.6/11.213.6/15.218.3/20.4 16.2/18.218.6/20.723.3/25.525.9/28.135
controlling room 9.2/1110.4/12.214.4/16.419.1/21.625.117.1/19.519.5/2224.2/26.826.8/29.433.7
Max.wheel load 54/5962/6770/7578/8396143/150152/159165/174169/176180/190
basic dimensionsL1t300040005000600075003000400050006000
H2 80090010001150130011001200130014001600
H3 7960/109608060/110608160/111608310/11310114609600/125009600/126009700/127009800/128009950/9700
B 4500/55005500/55005500/60006500/7500
B1 5500/65006500/75006500/70007500/8500
B2 6000/70007100/81007000/75008200/9200
B3 150016001700

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