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Operation performance of single beam overhead crane
- Sep 14, 2013 -

Single girder overhead crane is widely used in machinery manufacturing workshop, metallurgical workshop, petroleum, petrochemical, port, railway, civil aviation, power station, paper making, building materials, electronics and other industries workshop. It has the advantages of compact appearance, low building clearance height, light weight, small wheel pressure and so on. Let's further understand it from the single beam crane performance: 

1, crane lifting capacity should reach the rated lifting weight.

2, for hook crane, the brake distance of lifting objects should be less than 1 / 65 of stable lifting distance within 1 minute. 

4, The suction capacity of the electromagnetic chuck shall not be less than the rated value.

5, For a double trolley crane, two trolleys of the same mechanism can be operated in a linkage manner or can be operated independently.

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