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Precautions for installation of gantry crane outdoors
- Apr 24, 2014 -

Comparing gantry crane with bridge crane, it can be seen that the installation of gantry crane is relatively more convenient.  The installation outdoors must also strictly abide by the relevant precautions. Here, I’ll talk about the door crane installation matters in the outdoor for the vast number of new and old customers reference according to our company’s many years of experience from the point of view of practical operation. 

1, gantry crane tonnage is different, the installation of the rail and foundation requirements are not the same.  So try to match.

 2, gantry crane span is bigger, need to pay attention to the angle in the process of installation, each part of the assembly process need to be in a horizontal plane.

3, play foundation should be strong, otherwise will happen gantry crane tilt.  Foundation must meet the specified requirements, the overall configuration is high.

 4, track should be strictly in accordance with the standard to process, otherwise the gantry crane deformation under pressure will cause secondary friction.

 5, when the gantry crane installation is completed, the overload compression test should be held.