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Precautions for use of electromagnetic crane
- Apr 11, 2013 -

The core component of the electromagnetic crane is electromagnet which uses the electromagnetic principle to hoist steel materials.  When power is supplied, the electromagnet generates magnetic force to suck the steel material, and then the steel material is hoisted to a specified position. When the circuit current is disconnected, the magnetic force disappears and the steel material is put down.  Because the electromagnetic crane is convenient to use and can lift iron, iron wire, scrap iron and other materials directly without binding, it is widely used in scrap iron recycling plant, steel production, machinery processing plant, etc. When the electromagnetic crane is in use ,the improper use may make the electromagnet loss of magnetism, loss of operation ability. so the standardization of the operation process is very necessary. There are some matters we should pay attention when using electromagnetic crane:

1, Before the electromagnet starts to work, measure the electromagnet cold insulation resistance, resistance value at room temperature shall not be less than 0.5 Ω.

2. before the electromagnet device moves smoothly to the front of the sucked object, the electromagnet power supply cannot be switched on.

3, electromagnet should not lift cutting materials and scrap steels directly. Because electromagnetic suction is very big, cutting material, scrap steel can easily damage the electromagnet bottom plate.

4, When two electromagnets work at the same time,ensure that there is enough safety distance. If you can't expand the distance, reduce eccentricity as far as possible and improve the safety factor of operation in the process of manipulation.

5, When three or more electromagnetic cranes are used for combined lifting ,the operator should check carefully, adjust the electromagnetic adsorption surface to meet the actual working condition. Otherwise some electromagnet may not play a role in the process of lifting, and also add the deadweight to the lifting object, increase the weight of other electromagnet.

6, it is inhibitory to use normal temperature electromagnet lifting high temperature material. Otherwise it will lead to magnetic weakening of the magnet.

7,It is prohibited to store the electromagnet in the high temperature area in the case of not using.

8,If there is a significant drop in suction when the high temperature magnet is in use,the operator should stop work and let the electromagnet rest for a period of time. If necessary, the electromagnet can be put into a puddle to cool down.

9,The operator should pay attention to the voltage and current values on the electromagnet display screen in the process of use to ensure that the voltage error is not greater than 10 %.

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