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Purposes and functions of crane maintenance
- Apr 21, 2012 -

When the crane is in use, the moving parts will inevitably wear, loose joints, oil transformed, metal structure corroded, and then causing the decline of crane's skill function, economic function and safety function. Therefore, in order to prevent and eliminate the hidden danger, to ensure that the crane is often in an outstanding condition, the crane should be maintained and maintained before the wear of the crane parts has reached the level that affects the failure of the crane.  Do a good job in crane maintenance can play the following role:

1, to ensure that the crane often has outstanding skills, make each organization working normally and reliably, improve the intact rate and utilization rate.

2, to ensure that the crane has outstanding use function, strengthen the maintenance of the structure, prevent abnormal vibration due to mechanical and electrical factors, meet the normal use requirements of the crane ;

3, to ensure the safe use of crane;

4, in line with the relevant environmental protection standards of the state and part of the rules;

5, reasonable and effective extension of crane service life.  Effectively extend the repair interval of the crane or organization, including the overhaul period, and then extend the service life of the crane through maintenance of the crane.