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Self-Climbing Crane for Wind Turbine Maintenance
- Jun 23, 2014 -

Self-Climbing Crane are mainly used for quick maintenance and Wind Turbine Maintenance. Self-Climbing Crane for Wind Turbine Maintenance adopts a self-climbing type hydraulic lifting structure, which mainly replaces the previous expensive maintenance equipment ---- large crawler crane. Its self-climbing hydraulic platform is in contact with the tower barrel through no damage and is equipped with safety detection protection. The system can realize interlocking between hydraulic and mechanical clamping mechanisms.

 The successful development of this product is the first in China.Self-Climbing Crane for Wind Turbine Maintenance are mainly used in iron and steel metallurgy, hydropower, aerospace, marine, automotive, coal, petrochemical and other industries. It features automatic climbing, electro-hydraulic drive, flexible operation, fast maintenance and stable performance.

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