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Six operating rules of electric hoist
- Apr 28, 2013 -

Electric hoist is widely used in factories, warehouses, docks, power stations, logging sites and other occasions. it is the most ideal lifting equipment for lifting and transporting goods.  If the electric hoist safety device is not complete and  the operator operate improperly,all these factors can lead to accidents.  To operate the electric hoist safely, it is recommended to observe the following six rules:

1, Overload lifting is strictly prohibited. Prevent collision when lifting.Hands must not be placed between ropes and objects.

2, Professionals should operate in accordance with the safety operation procedures if the operation room is set up .

3, Before use, check the flexibility and reliability of the electrical, sling, limit device carefully.

4, When using drag line electrical switch to start, be sure to do a good job of insulation measures.

5, Make sure that the hanging objects are tied very tightly and the bedding should be arranged at the sharp part of the hanging object to play a protective role.

6, Monorail electric hoist must slow down in track bend or near the end of the track.

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