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The difference between traditional crane and European standard crane
- Apr 23, 2012 -

Users who have used domestic traditional cranes and European cranes may find that the motors of various mechanisms of European cranes with the same tonnage and span are less powerful than those of traditional bridge cranes. Although European cranespower is small, it does not affect the work. Is the traditional crane motor selection unreasonable, is there a waste of power? If you try to put the power of the traditional crane according to the European power configuration, the motor may be break down and even be burned., what is the reason, Is there a secret recipe for the European style crane.

 In fact, people who has a little knowledge of physics will know that power is the product of force and speed. At this point, whether European cranes or traditional cranes are the same. But there are many influential factors in the calculation of power, such as the efficiency of the transmission mechanism, external resistance, etc. The mechanisms of traditional crane are basically composed of a motor, a coupling, a transmission shaft, a brake speed reduce, and then the force is transmitted to a drum or a wheel set through the coupling and the like. Transmission route is very long, even open gear transmission occurs occasionally which is bound to have a large part of the power loss. So we have to choose the big rated power of the motor. 

In contrast, European crane, each mechanism is highly integrated, through the three-in-one mechanism, directly omit the coupling, transmission shaft and other transmission parts. Even the connection with the wheel set part adopts the direct drive form, no spare parts, transmission efficiency is greatly improved, naturally the selection of motor power can be smallerIn addition to the high transmission efficiency, the weight of the European crane itself is much smaller than the traditional crane. European style crane eliminates many above-mentioned transmission parts, and uses materials with better performance to make the key components, so that the volume and weight of each mechanism are significantly reduced, and the burden of the whole machine is reduced. The main stress member can naturally also reduce the cross section and reduce the weight. According to the basic formula of power mentioned above, the force is small, the power is naturally small.

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