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What about the skid of the port crane in rainy days
- Oct 17, 2013 -

In the process of modern industrial construction, the realization of mechanization has been popular, each production occasions have corresponding mechanical equipment, port crane is specially used for port cargo transportation, such as metallurgical crane is designed for the metallurgical industry.  Although it is carefully designed, but in the process of application, the port crane will encounter some unexpected circumstances, such as crane wheel skid easily in rainy days which affects the work.  Is there any effective solution to this problem?

What about the skid of the port crane in rainy days.jpg

Port crane is generally used in the outdoor, so it is easy to slip in rainy days, in order to avoid the equipment operation difficulties or safety accidents caused by this, first of all, we can use anti-skid chain to fix the tire which is easy to slip in order to increase the friction between the tire and the ground so as to reduce the chance of slippage.

 To be on the safe side, crane had better stop using in rainy days .and completes the rainproof measures. Even if the crane returns to operate,the operator should clean the rain, keep the crane in the best working condition, to ensure the safe and stable completion of the lifting task.