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What are the characteristics of KBK flexible cranes?
- Sep 13, 2014 -

1. The KBK crane adopts a modular design. All components adopt standardized components and can be combined into a new crane like stacked wood. The installation is particularly simple. It can also be reassembled according to the changes of the factory building or processing technology to a new crane.

2. KBK cranes are extremely light-weighted, with little friction between the pulleys and the rails. They are easy to operate and can be easily moved by hand. They can transport and handle heavy, inconvenient workpieces very quickly. The system also provides you with flanged-tech crane electric chain hoists, hoist driving equipment, electrical control devices and supporting systems to ensure long working life.

3. The main body is the cold-rolled profile which has three kinds of specifications with high strength, good rigidity, light weight to ensure the stability of the system. From fixed-point delivery to highly-accurate multi-point, multi-tap automated delivery, they can be freely combined. There are also suspension components adapted to the top structure of different plants, which can save the space and area ofthe factory, reduce energy consumption, improve enterprise efficiency, and have strong adaptability.