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What can cause chain electric hoist instability?
- Nov 19, 2013 -

What is chain type electric hoist instability?  Chain electric hoist instability is in the process of action, the hook and the goods did not follow the prescribed route, this is called instability.

 Many factors can cause chain electric hoist instability, such as the following:

 ( 1 ) low visibility, such as in the space is not bright or homework at night, because can't carefully observe the operation of the hook, so there will be chain electric hoist instability.

 ( 2 ) the wind is big, in some windy weather, chain electric hoist when rising or falling hook and goods will swing.  This is also one of the reasons leading to chain electric hoist instability.  This problem does not occur indoors.

 ( 3 ) rude control, manipulation of chain type electric hoist emergency stop, and intermittent emergency stop.  This is one of the reasons of chain electric hoist instability.

 ( 4 ) the load is too large or non standard products.  Chain type electric hoist lifting goods too heavy, or the product itself is not the target chain type electric hoist.  The stability itself is problematic.

 There are many reasons for chain electric hoist instability, in order to ensure the safety in the future, can do some measures to prevent chain electric hoist instability.

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