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Attentions Should Be Paid In The Overhaul Of Crane
- Apr 25, 2012 -

Lifting machinery is used for lifting, transporting, loading and unloading and installing objects. it can not only complete the work of goods transportation that human can't complete, reduce people's physical labor, but also can improve the work efficiency.So it is widely used in all fields of life. 

Hoisting machinery is usually composed of four parts: working mechanism, metal structure, power plant and control system.and lifting accessories are the most important settings in the crane,  Any mechanical equipment may present some problems after using for a period of time due to equipment quality problems or some other problems. Of course, the crane is not exceptional. Crane is composed of a variety of lifting accessories, thus increasing the probability of the attack of the problems.In order to use the crane safely,we must regularly check overhaul of the crane to avoid accidents.

 What safety precautions do we need to pay attention to when determining that the crane needs to be overhauled? ensure personal safety 

 During overhaul, attention should be paid to eliminating potential safety hazards, such as adjusting the gap between adjusting brakes of lifting accessories, replacing worn clutches or friction plates to allow the seats in the control room to be conveniently adjusted up and down.The crane or lifting accessories shall be provided with adequate space and protection facilities around the crane or lifting accessories when carrying out dangerous tests on the machine. do a good job of tracking service after overhaul

Overhaul engineering machinery maintenance files should be established and repair party should ensure that the engineering machinery after repairing can reach the specified performance and use state within a certain period of time .In this period if there is a general fault which can be sweep through adjustment, it should be handled by the using party themselves.  If larger changes occur such as parts damage, serious oil leakage,water leakage,gas leakage and electricity leakage which is necessary to open the main parts for repair, should be sent to repair party to check together and repair in time in order to reduce the downtime, make the machine work in good condition as soon as possible. What’s more,Don't look down on every detail when repairing, overhaul results depends on the details.  Notice every detail.

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