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China Assumes The Formulation Of Crane International Standards For The First Time
- Apr 12, 2014 -

Recently, the international standard proposal “Crane terminology part 4: Boom crane” led by the Beijing Lifting Transport Machinery Design Institute (hereinafter referred to as the North Institute) was led by 19 P member states (formal members). The adoption of the ISO/TC96 "Crane Technical Committee" passed the vote and achieved a breakthrough in China's development of international standards for cranes, marking China's gradual mastery of the highest international voice in terms of crane standards. The

Before 2005, China was in ISO/TC96 "Crane Technical Committee", ISO/TC101 "Industrial Vehicle Technical Committee", ISO/TC110 "Continuous Handling Machinery Technical Committee" and ISO/TC111 "Steel ring chain, hanging chain, parts And the membership of the International Standardization Organization such as the Annex Technical Committee, etc. are all O members (observed members). As a responsible unit of the secretariats of the five national professional standardization technical committees, as well as domestic counterparts of ISO/TC96, ISO/TC101, ISO/TC110 and ISO/TC111, Beiqiyuan has continuously dedicated itself to the promotion of China's lifting transport for many years. The development of the standardization of public welfare undertakings of machinery and the improvement of the international standardization work of China's lifting transport machinery industry. Through continuous efforts and promotion from the North Institute, in the past 13 years, the voting rate of international standards has been 100%, and 23 delegations have participated in international conferences, organized two international conferences, and participated in various international standards as members of the working group. The preparation and revision of the work proposed four proposals for crane international standards and a proposal for an international standard for industrial vehicles, and strived to add Chinese as a type of text to the international standard ISO 5053-1:2015 for industrial vehicles, continuously refreshing China’s participation. A historic breakthrough in the international standardization of heavy transport machinery. The

After more than ten years of hard work, not only has China's membership in the above-mentioned international standardization organization become a P member (formal member), but it has also succeeded in taking over China's ISO/TC96 chairperson and international secretariat, and ISO. /TC110/SC5 Chinese President and Secretariat, and vice president Zhang Xijun from the North Institute served as ISO/TC96 Chairman and Zhao Chunhui Director as ISO/TC110/SC5 Vice Chairman. The

The successful establishment of the international standard proposal “Crane Terminology Part 4: Boom Crane” achieved a breakthrough in China’s development of a zero international standard for hoisting transport machinery. This is another major achievement of Beiqiyuan’s participation in international standardization work. China has made positive contributions to the improvement of China's status in international crane standardization.

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