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End Beam Welding Robot Is About To Put Into Use On A Large Scale
- May 29, 2011 -

Recently, after repeated arguments and test with robo-makers and industry experts, the robot has been officially debugged and is about to be put into use on a large scale.

 End beam welding robot is about to put into use on a large scale.jpg


Advantages of Welding Robots:

1. Reliable - rugged and durable, low noise level, less routine maintenance, long service life.

2. Accurate - stable and reliable, high welding accuracy , good weld quality.

3. High efficiency - high productivity,simple operation,low labor intensity.


Next,Henan yuntian will be fully automatic beam assembly line production, investment 120 million yuan to buy more than 20 sets of robots and equipped with welding robot and automation equipment at part of the station.There will be only 2-3 people responsible for the maintenance operation in a line, production capacity will up to 160 pairs for a day.The quality and efficiency of welding will be further improved.


Henan yuntian will continue to upgrade from low-end to high-end production, and further to the development of intelligent production.