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Henan Normal University Scientific And Technological Innovation Enterprises Investigation
- Jul 18, 2017 -

In order to carry out the important speech spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping on scientific and technological innovation, improve students' ability of innovation and practice, study the work concept and management mode of modern enterprise, and cultivate the cooperation between enterprises and enterprises under the complementary of enterprise and school new approach, new model, new approach. Henan Normal University School of Electronics and Electrical Engineering, on July 3 to carry out a six-day "scientific and technological innovation enterprises" investigation and study activities.

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 the photo of research delegation and yuntian staff


Your creatures, my future


July 3 at 2 pm, in order to understand the success of the enterprise management mechanism, staff living conditions and the investment of technological innovation and so on. "Scientific and technological innovation enterprises" practice research group--a line of 20 people came to Henan Yun Tian Lifting Machinery Co., Ltd. to study and communicate.


The research team conducted a survey of "cooperation between college and enterprise" for our employees of Henan Yuntian Hoisting Machinery Co., Ltd., and conducted a comprehensive interview with the staff members including senior manager. In this visit, they saw their own professional innovation and prospects, and they also benefit greatly from learning successful business independent and effective management. "I saw the broad future of our profession," he said.


Innovate in practice, dare to challenge


In order to strengthen the cooperation between college and enterprise, the research delegation will go to Henan Yuntian Lifting Machinery Co., Ltd. again for the next day. Instructors Huang Bo Chen, Wang Ziyue and yuntian business chairman Chris and his business representatives attended the seminar. Chris said he would further strengthen the cooperation between college and enterprises, and gave the research group members valuable and sincere advice: in-depth life, Put theory to practice.

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Seminar on research and development of college and enterprise


Achievements display,round off


This "science and technology innovation enterprise" has given full play to the positive effect of social practice in helping young students to be educated, long talented and contributing, combining social practice with innovative talents, leading students out of school, engaging in society, To join the practice of scientific and technological innovation. At the same time in the specific practice process, through various forms of creative activities, to stimulate students interest in learning and strengthen the thinking of education. Through the concrete process of practice to continuously develop the ability of students to innovate, so that the concept of innovation enjoys popular support; to improve students' sense of innovation, practical awareness and awareness of the results; so that scientific and technological innovation can become a lot of students conscious action, as well as the development of students as a lifetime Interest, to meet the national socio-economic development and innovation-oriented national construction needs and cultivate high-quality, complex, innovative talents.