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Henan Yuntian Metallurgical Casting Crane Orders Show A Blowout Trend
- May 23, 2011 -


In the first half of the year, Henan yuntian orders soared and the average increase reach 69.3%, especially metallurgical casting crane orders show a blowout trend.

Henan yuntian metallurgical casting crane orders show a blowout trend.jpg


At present the company's metallurgical casting cranes more than 100 units are being produced, of which more than 100 tons accounted for a larger proportion.


In addition, the first half of this year, there are 30 sets of casting cranes exports to India, Algeria, Vietnam, Brazil and other countries.


In recent years, Henan yuntian spare no effort to design and R & D in the large tonnage metallurgical casting crane, and pay attention to the introduction of talent, process improvement and energy saving.