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Henan Yuntian “The Fragrant Leaves Greet The Dragon Boat Festival”
- Jun 11, 2018 -

There are still several days before the Dragon Boat Festival. The Dragon Boat Festival Zongzi of Henan Yuntian has long been purchased. As the company's mainstay business managers, they are still busy. The company deeply understands their dedication and devotion. At the dawn of the holiday season, the Dragon Boat Festival Zongzi was delivered to their hands early and expressed company’s  deepest wishes to them.

Henan Yuntian The Fragrant Leaves Greet The Dragon Boat Festival.jpg

As the first-line team of Henan Yuntian, they worked hard day and night. It was them who make products of Henan Yuntian could spread all over the country and be known all over the world. In addition to granting “Three Summers” grants and heatstroke benefits, the company also expressed its gratitude to their hard work. The small dumplings are not only sweet foods, but more like a net of true feelings. Put everyone together tightly.

During the summer season, the weather was hot and the wheat farmers were busy. However, every production team in Henan Yuntian does not dare to slack off its production. The attendance rate of each team can basically reach full service. For the hot weather, the logistics department has already prepared for heatstroke cooling, and the supply of white sugar and green bean water is continuously applied to the production line to ensure the physical health of front-line workers.

In the hot summer, our passion for overcoming difficulties is constantly rising. We believe that all employees, including business managers, will go hand in hand to make sure that they will be able to complete the overall goals of fighting the heat, stressing safety, grasping quality, and ensuring progress.