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National Changyuan Export Lifting Machinery Quality And Safety Demonstration Area Passed The Expert
- Dec 25, 2016 -

Recently, Henan Changyuan export lifting machinery quality and safety demonstration area successfully passed the AQSIQ acceptance of the assessment group of experts, as China's first national export lifting machinery quality and safety demonstration area.

National Changyuan export lifting machinery quality and safety demonstration area passed the expert.jpg

AQSIQ expert group through the field visit companies of the quality management system operation, platform testing capabilities, listen to the demonstration area to create a comprehensive report of the work, on-site review of the declaration materials, agreed that the Changyuan County, lifting quality and safety demonstration area has completed the scheduled target, the assessment passed smoothly.


In order to vigorously support the establishment of the export quality and safety demonstration area of hoisting machinery in Changyuan, the Xinxiang inspection and Quarantine Bureau has set the demonstration area as an annual priority, and has sent personnel to the scene to guide the establishment of the work many times. Changyuan county government also attaches great importance to the lifting of industrial development, issued a "Changyuan County crane export quality and safety demonstration area construction work plan", has clearly defined  the division of responsibilities and the completion time, fully promote the construction of the model area.


The successful creation of the national quality and export demonstration area of the Changyuan Exported Crane has not only enhanced the standardization level of the demonstration area, but also strengthened the quality and safety awareness of the enterprise and played a leading role in the quality work of Henan Province. As the import and export quality department, Xinxiang Inspection and Quarantine Bureau will also further play the inspection and quarantine functions roles, and constantly provide quality services, the implementation of differentiated supervision, and strive to cultivate new advantages of export competition,make Changyuan more confident and more robust towards the world and enjoy a global reputation!