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Test Procedures Before Use Of Electric Chain Hoist
- Jul 06, 2010 -

Electric chain hoist has been widely used in many industries, such as factories, warehouses, wind power generation, logistics, docks and buildings, because of its advanced performance structure, small size, light weight, reliable performance and convenient operation.But before using electric chain hoist,it’s necessary to test the operation to ensure that everything is ok before it can be started. Here are some test procedures used by electric chain hoist.

 1, Press the button switch " down" to operate the electric hoist to descend until the limit switch, and the motor will automatically stop at this time.

 2. press the button switch " up" until the chain is fully retracted into the chain bag and the motor stops running.

 3, check the lubrication of the lifting chain (Lifting chains are lubricated and oiled before they leave the factory, but may be dry during shipping ) in the process of transportation any ready-made lubricating oil can be used to lubricate the lifting chain, we also suggest to maintain a small amount of lubricating oil in the chain bag, let the chain can be dipped in lubricating oil.

 4, When the chain hangers of the host machine is double chain or multi chain, it is strictly prohibited to turn the hook from the chain in order to avoid danger.

 5, check the direction of the chain, all welding points should be in the same direction,The operation is completely correct only if all chain welds are on the same line .

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