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The Future Large-scale Development Of Miniature Cranes
- Oct 10, 2010 -

The lifting capacity of miniature cranes are less than 6ton and convenient to transportation and use. The usage of miniature cranes is very wide in European Union and American market. But in the Chinese market, the usage and development of miniature cranes only take sharp.

The future large-scale development of miniature cranes.jpg 

Miniature cranes are used to lift the light duty products, for example, the installation of indoor glass, the lifting of interior wall panel, the transportation of small weight goods from up and down floor.To a certain extent;Miniature crane can make up the application limitation of hoisting machinery. This is the reason that experts value market prospect of miniature cranes


Of course, the miniature has the character of lowcost and risk-free investment ,which is the important reason clients accept. Actually, along with the development of urbanization and the construction of rail transit system network, experts think that the miniature cranes will develop rapidly.