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The Micro Crane Market Development In The Next Five Years
- May 11, 2011 -

Micro cranes generally refer to lifting equipment with a weight of less than 6 tons and are easy to transport and use, such as small cranes, etc. In the European Union, the United States and other developed markets, the application of micro-cranes has been very extensive, while in China, micro-crane application promotion is only beginning to take shape.


Micro cranes are suitable for a variety of lifting and loading and unloading operations in buildings, such as the installation of indoor glass, the lifting of indoor wall panels, or the transport of various small and medium-sized cargo. To a certain extent, micro-cranes can make up for the limitations of the application of lifting machinery, which is the main reason for the industry experts to be very optimistic about the market prospect of cranes.


Of course, micro crane's low cost, no investment risk and other characteristics, are also  important reasons for market and user acceptance.In fact, with the accelerating of urbanization, the construction of rail network transportation to launch and implementation of the national strategy and project engineering,experts believe that the mini-crane market may be large-scale development in the next five years.

The micro crane market may be large-scale development in the next five years.jpg