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Xinxiang Government Financial Enterprises Docking Financing 19.15 Billion Yuan
- Nov 16, 2016 -

On November 16, 2016, Xinxiang City held a signing ceremony for the government financial enterprises matchmaking association in the Alibaba cross-border trade demonstration area.During the signing ceremony , the heads of 24 provincial-level financial institutions visited the Xinxiang site to inspect the development status of the five enterprises; the heads of financial institutions served the financial industry to serve Xinxiang's economic development with the “consultation veins” and “transmission and transmission of valuables”; 134 enterprises and financial institutions “zero-distance” exchange and docking, and 137 contracted projects on-site, involving an amount of 19.15 billion yuan.

The meeting aims to increase the financial institutions' support for the economic development of the entity and smooth the cooperation channels between financial institutions and enterprises. “This large-scale event has a good effect and has boosted the integration of financial and real economy innovation and development.” said Zhou Xuefeng, general manager of the Xinxiang branch of PICC P&C


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This meeting is the largest financial institution, the highest specification, and the most abundant financial matchmaking activities held in recent years in Xinxiang City. Among the 137 projects signed by the contract, there are three projects signed by the municipal government and financial institutions, six projects signed by the city's enterprises and investment institutions, and 128 contracts signed by the city's enterprises and banking financial institutions.