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Common Bridge Crane
- Apr 17, 2008 -

A bridge type crane is usually made of a bridge (also known as a big car). Lifting mechanism, trolley, cart transfer mechanism, control room, car conductive device (auxiliary sliding line), crane power supply device (main slide line) and other components.


The bridge is the basic component of the bridge crane, which is composed of the main beam, the end beam, the walking platform and so on. The main beam is across the inter span, including box, frame, web, pipe and other structural forms. The two ends of the main beam are connected with the end beam, and there is a walking platform on the outside of the two main beam, and the safety railing is provided. On the side of the cab, there is a big car moving mechanism on the side of the driver's side, and on the other side, it is equipped with a device that supplies power to the electric equipment of the car, that is, the auxiliary sliding line.

Truck moving mechanism

The moving mechanism of a big car is composed of a large vehicle, a motor, a transmission shaft, a reducer, a wheel and a brake. The driving modes include two kinds: centralized driving and separate driving.

Trolley moving mechanism

The car is placed on the guide rail of the bridge and can move along the width direction of the workshop. The trolley is mainly welded by the steel plate, which is composed of the small frame and the moving mechanism and the lifting mechanism on the car.

Hoisting mechanism

The lifting mechanism consists of a lifting motor, a reducer, a reel, a brake and so on. The lifting motor is connected by the coupling, the brake wheel and the reducer. The output shaft of the reducer is connected with the drum of the winding wire rope. The other end of the wire rope is equipped with a hook. When the drum is rotated, the hook rises or falls along with the winding or releasing of the wire rope on the drum. For the crane with a weight of 15t and above, there are two sets of lifting mechanisms, the main hook and the vice hook.

Control room

The control room is the hoist of the crane, also known as the cab. The control room has large, small car moving mechanism control device, lifting mechanism control device and crane protection device.

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