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Main Equipment Of Electric Hoist
- Apr 18, 2010 -

The ring chain electric hoist makes up the heavy and heavy drawback of the wire rope electric hoist. The ring chain electric hoist is composed of electric motor, transmission mechanism and sprocket, and the wire rope is replaced by the chain with the biggest difference between the electric hoist and the wire rope electric hoist. The lifting weight is generally 0.5 to 60 tons, and the lifting height is 3~120 meters.

Electric chain hoist, a hand chain hoist is light and convenient, but also improved the manual chain hoists and lifting slow enough so that the agglomeration advantages of hand chain hoist and hoist in a body, the disc brake motor as power cycloid reducer reducer, electric hoist chain structure is compact and the volume a small, light weight, high efficiency, convenient use, reliable braking, simple maintenance.

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