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Classification Of Hoist Crane
- May 28, 2010 -

Crane arm is designed to adapt to the modern production of a new generation of light lifting equipment, with high reliability of the electric chain hoist is especially suitable for short distance, frequent use, intensive lifting operation, has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, convenient, small footprint, easy operation and maintenance etc.

1, fixed column hoist crane

Slewing jib crane and revolving crane, lifting weight in 125Kg-5000Kg is Kaili lifting self-developed products, can be customized according to customer demand for the design of special lifting equipment, is the most commonly used crane jib.

2. Mobile hoist crane

The machine is more flexible, flexible and widely adaptable. It is a necessary independent emergency hoisting equipment for high efficiency automatic production line. With it, it ensures smooth production line.

3, wall type hoist crane

The wall type spiral arm crane is also called wall crane and wall type spiral arm crane. Can be divided into: BX wall type swing arm hoist and BX-JKBK wall type arm hoisting weight 125KG to 3000KG. The lifting height is 3 meters.

4, the line wall jib crane

The wall mounted jib crane and wall crane, is a new material developed in the foundation wall column jib crane's lifting equipment.

5, curved arm hoist crane

Curved jib crane and crankshaft crane, has the characteristics of novel structure, supple and flexible operation, high efficiency and energy saving.

6, double arm hoist crane

It is also called double arm crane and double revolving arm crane. A movable hoist crane used to load heavy cargo into an open container. As an arm in a forklift, usually with the long boom.

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