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Safety Operation Of Hoist Crane
- Mar 26, 2008 -

In the operation of a revolving crane, all national safety technical specifications concerned with the use and operation of the crane should be observed. In order to ensure safety, avoid damage to the equipment, and please follow the following safety operation:

  1. The use of a hoist crane is not allowed.

  2. It is not allowed to lift load on the top of the personnel. No cable-stayed or towing load.

    No overloading is used.

 3. Avoid hoisting hook impact limit switch in normal operation.

 4. Other important operation hints: the load hoist must be hanged in a flexible connection to the       car. Rigid connections will produce forces that can not be controlled, and eventually lead to         fatigue fracture.

 5. No load when pulling the switch arm, manual rotation, can only pull hook, pulling the switch and the cable is not allowed.

 6. The fastener of the hoist crane should be checked and fastened once for 6 months.

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