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Other Bridge Cranes
- Jul 21, 2008 -

Simple beam bridge

Also known as the beam crane, its structure is similar to the common bridge type crane. The weight, span and working speed are small. The main girder of a bridge is a simple section beam consisting of I-steel or other steel and plate steel. The hoist is equipped with a hand hoist or an electric hoist with a simple car as a lifting car, and the car generally operates on the lower flange of the I-beam. The bridge can run along the track on the elevated frame, and it can also run along the track under the elevated frame. This kind of crane is called a hanging beam type crane.

Special metallurgical Bridge

This crane can participate in the specific process operation in the steel production process. The basic structure is similar to the ordinary bridge crane, but there are special working mechanisms or devices on the lifting car. The working characteristics of this kind of crane are frequent use, bad conditions and high working level.

Explosion-proof Bridge

This kind of crane is mainly used for lifting and using in explosive gas environment. Its basic structure is similar to ordinary bridge crane, but explosion-proof measures are taken in mechanical parts of motor and electrical part and metal contact surface, so as to ensure the safety of explosion protection environment.

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