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Technical For Lifting Large Workpieces In Crane Hoisting Rigging
- Jul 12, 2018 -

The use of crane hoist rigging and the use of techniques are exquisite: for the work of the workpiece itself is designed for lifting rings or hoisting ears, before the operation should be omni-directional inspection, and should be added to all the rings. It is necessary to have a trial lifting process before lifting, confirm that it is safe and then proceed with the next step. The sling equipment should be adapted to the shape characteristics and specific requirements of the suspended workpiece, and can not be used without the use conditions.


Technical essentials for lifting large workpieces in crane hoisting rigging


For the lifting or assembly of large work pieces, because of the large tonnage, complex shape, high value and multi person coordination, the difficulty and the risk factor of the work are further improved. Therefore, the following essentials should be grasped and grasped when the large work pieces are suspended.

1. Observe the shape of the workpiece before operation, grasp the center of gravity of the workpiece, and confirm the weight of the workpiece according to the drawing.


2. choose rope rigging, shackle, hook and so on properly.


3. For the workpiece itself, there are rings or lifting lugs designed for hoisting, which should be carefully checked before operation and should be attached to all rings.


4. the workpiece itself does not have rings, should correctly select the location of cable points. The hook head of the crane is aligned with the center of gravity of the workpiece.


5. pay attention to the angle between the ropes should generally be less than 90 degrees.


6.  the corner of the workpiece passed by the rope must be protected with angle protector.


7.  before lifting, there must be a trial crane process. Confirm that it is safe and then proceed with the next step.