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container straddle carrier
- Jun 21, 2010 -

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The container straddle carrier is the main model in the container handling equipment. It usually undertakes the horizontal transportation from the front of the terminal to the yard and the stacking of containers in the yard. Because the container straddle carrier has the characteristics of flexibility, high efficiency, good stability and low wheel pressure, it has been widely used. The operation of container straddle carriers is very beneficial to improving the loading and unloading efficiency of frontier equipment. Since the development of container straddle carriers from the 1960s, after decades of development, it has become a key equipment for container terminals and yards, as has been the case with wheeled container gantry cranes.

Product Introduction

Container straddle carriers can be divided into three types according to their body structure:

First, the container straddle carrier without platform and cross-shipment and loading and unloading common structure;Second, there is a container straddle carrier with platform and cross-shipment and loading and unloading common structures;Third, there is a container straddle carrier with platform and cross-transportation and loading and unloading structures for container straddle carriers without platform and cross-shipment and loading and unloading. Its structural feature is that the body has no platform and is composed of two vertical truss-type gantry. The upper part is connected by longitudinal beams and the lower part is respectively supported on the two bottom beams. The four door legs generally adopt the box structure, and the power devices are separately installed. On the bottom beam. These characteristics determine that this type of container straddle carrier has a small external dimension, a small turning radius, a stacking yard and the same number of layers through the container, and the frame has a good stress condition. This type of structure reduces the overall mass of the entire machine, effectively reduces the center of gravity of the vehicle, and increases driving stability.

Key Specifications/Special Features:

Container Straddle Carrier for ISO Standard Containers applies to international standard container transporting, loading and unloading at the container yard and railway container depots, with stable performance, high efficiency and ease maintenance having proper safety instructions and overload protection devices to maximize ensure the safety of operational personnel and equipment. Electrical system uses PLC frequency adjustment which can easily control every mechanism.

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