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Under The New Normal, What New Methods Are Needed For The Transformation Of China's Construction Machinery?
- Jun 12, 2018 -

Under the new normal, what new methods are needed for the transformation of China's construction machinery.jpg

The “new normal” of the Chinese economy includes several aspects. First, the proportion of manufacturing in the new normal will be significantly reduced in the future, and the proportion of service industry will increase significantly. Second, consumption will stimulate demand growth. Third, technological progress and innovation It has become the key to success; Fourth, in the past few years, China's investment in GDP accounted for 40% to 50%, far higher than the developed countries' 15% to 20%. If the proportion of investment falls below 30%, the total demand for construction machinery will further decline.

In the past few years, the construction of China's construction machinery and equipment has been seriously deficient, and the time is only about 30% of the peak period. From a global perspective, the industry situation is very serious. In the future, many companies may be eliminated or eliminated automatically.

How should China's construction machinery industry adapt to the current economic situation? Enterprises must first improve their technological innovation capabilities and product quality. Its quality not only refers to the product's "three guarantees" quality, but also includes the value of used machinery. Secondly, it is necessary to increase brand influence. Each brand will correspond to different customers. The stability of the customer base is the index for the stability of the company.

At present, the transformation of industry companies can be divided into three categories: First, business transformation. This includes cross-industry transitions, extensions of the industry chain, integration progress from simple manufacturers to manufacturing and services, and the renewal of business models combined with e-commerce. Second, the market transformation. Internationalized operations include the enhancement of the competitiveness of construction machinery in the global mainstream market. Third, management transformation. Improve the connotation of its own brand, internationalized operations management and control. How should construction machinery companies overcome the difficulties and find a way out? It is necessary to use strategies to lead the development of the entire enterprise; product planning is the real core; and the post-market becomes a growth point.

The core competitiveness of a company is the key to its sustainable and stable development. Its content includes four aspects: First, it strengthens its ability to lead or create markets. It is necessary to continuously develop new products and guide customers to use new equipment so as to have the pricing power of the products. The second is to improve the original innovation ability and design personalized and customized products. The third is the ability of resource system integration to efficiently and quickly integrate the company's supply chain. Fourth, the entire life cycle and all-round service capabilities. The company's pre-sales, sales, and after-sales full-life cycle must take the initiative to provide services for customers. Customers must think of service companies that they cannot think of.