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Development Of E-commerce In Construction Machinery Industry Is A Trend
- Mar 06, 2016 -

"In the next five or 10 years, the term e-commerce will disappear because all companies are e-commerce companies," Xiaomi Chairman and CEO said. For the construction machinery industry, e-commerce is still in its infancy. The good news is that the awareness of the “electricity business” in the construction machinery industry has already gone through the period of enlightenment and has greatly improved.

Under the “new normal” economic environment, changes in the national economic environment have caused the development of the construction machinery industry to be somewhat restrained, and the golden decade is no longer. Coupled with the ever-increasing volume of machinery and equipment in the market, construction machinery companies must find new ways to survive in the fierce market competition. E-commerce has undoubtedly opened up a new breakthrough for the development of the construction machinery industry.

In the past two years, construction machinery companies have been exposed to frequent electric shocks: Sany Group has integrated the group marketing system with the DMS agency system to obtain the most direct customer information and resources. It also attaches great importance to brand promotion projects such as industry media and self-media, and receives as many as 10,000 customer inquiries each year from online channels; XCMG works with e-commerce companies to open cross-border e-commerce and sells in more than 190 countries around the world; Zoomlion sets up its own e-commerce service platform... More and more construction machinery companies have gradually started the e-commerce process and have begun to move forward.

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