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Gantry Cranes Make Use Of New Technology To Become The Industry Leader
- Jul 25, 2012 -

The gantry crane plays a decisive role in the lifting industry. The company attaches great importance to its development. We use advanced technology to present better products to everyone and let it play a better role in our work. With the continuous expansion of the market, gantry crane manufacturers continue to make progress in science and technology, prompting our company to continuously innovate, introduce new processes, organize a large amount of manpower, research and develop lifting and transportation equipment with light weight, small wheel pressure, small boundary size, reliable performance and convenient operation.

After the gantry crane is stopped, some important components should be covered, such as electric hoists, electric motors, etc., to prevent rainwater from entering, causing the equipment to be oxidized and corroded, and slowly affecting the performance of the gantry crane. Turn on the gantry crane's gripper, then turn off the power and disconnect all circuits.

When the gantry crane encounters a typhoon, the shaking will be more severe. At this time, the safety is the lowest. Some other methods must be used to reinforce the stability. The steel wire rope is used to fix the four directions. After tightening, the rail clamp is opened and the power is cut off. Several heavy stone piers are placed around the wheels. After these two steps, the gantry crane can avoid being blown down in the wind.

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