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Crane Installation And Commission In Yemen
- May 05, 2014 -

On May 5, 2014, our engineers successfully completed the installation and commissioning of our double girder bridge crane in Yemen.


In June 2013, we received inquiries from a Yemen customer. First, they asked four sets of double girder bridge cranes. According to the drawings of the customer's steel plant workshop, we make a whole plan, including cranes, coil hooks, roll ground floor trolley, coil material storage steel frame and so on. After the discussion, the customer was very satisfied with our overall program and signed the agreement on the spot. Although our price is higher than the competition, due to our professional services, our customers chose us eventually.


Now that all the equipment has been installed by our own installation team, our professional attitude has been highly praised by our client. Looking forward to working together again!

Complete crane installation and commissioning in Yemen.jpg