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The key points to be paid attention to in establishing track of bridge crane
- Nov 05, 2013 -

In order to facilitate better operation, crane rail is established. in the process of the establishment of crane rail, there are many places need our attention. These points are crucial, so let's discuss these points.

1, crane rail top is convex, the bottom is a flat plate with a certain width, which increases the contact surface with the foundation.  The section of the track is mostly I - shaped, which has good bending strength.  Square steel can be regarded as flat-topped rail. because of the heavy wear on wheels, metallurgical cranes are generally used only for cranes with small lifting weight, slow running speed and infrequent work.

 2, crane rail joint seam is generally one to two mm.  Rail joint can be straight head, also can be made of 45 degrees angle of oblique joint as oblique joint can make the wheel transit smoothly at the joint. Two rail transverse dislocation and height difference at the joint shall not be greater than one millimeter.  The order of welding rail joint is from bottom to top, rail bottom after rail waist, rail head, layer by layer bead welding, finally repair around.  When welding its rail joint, set up temporary fixture fixed rail in order to weld.

The key points to be paid attention to in establishing track of bridge crane.jpg

 3, in the welding, the welding at the bottom of the rail of each layer of welding wave, should use a welding rod welding, avoid using electrode and broken arc in the middle.  Welding of each rail joint shall be carried out continuously.  So that that rail end are welded at a high temperature.

 4  When the welding projection is too large, use a grinding wheel grinder to polish until it is flush with the rail head, and finally polish the surface.

 5, Rail longitudinal slope is not allowed to be greater than one percent, more than this value should be checked with cart driving power and the stability of the whole machine. The track slope which do not conform to the requirements should be corrected and meet the requirements before put into use.