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Single Girder Explosion Proof Overhead Crane
- Jun 24, 2010 -

Basic InfoSingle Girder Explosion Proof Overhead Crane.jpg

Name:Single Girder Explosion Proof Overhead Crane

Model NO.: LB

Lifting Height: up to 20m

Duty Group: A3-A5

Control Method: Pendent/Wireless

Application: Construction Usage, Workshop Usage, Mineral Area Usage

Sling Type: Wire Rope

Power Source: Electric

Moving Type: Wheel

Installation: Assembled

Tower Crane Type: Overhead Traveling Crane

Transport Package: Wooden Box

Specification: Capacity: 2-10T

Span: 5-30M

Origin:Henan, China

Product Description

This explosion proof crane is designed for workshops that have much combustible gas which may lead to explosion. Its explosion proof grade is Exd II BT4, Exd II CT4. This explosion proof crane is especially suitable for any workshop full of combustible gas or any combustible materials which may lead to explosion.

1- Lifting Mechanism

- Monorail wire rope hoist or chain hoist as option:

- Lifting speed: single or dual as per required

- Trolley Speed: Single or Dual or Step less as per required

- High performance with most economical price 

2-End Carriages and Motor

- Rigid welded box type end carriage

- Modula design

- Cone squirrel cage motor or soft start motor as option

- Traveling speed: Single or Dual or Step less as per required

3-Main Girder

- Rigid welded box Girder or sturdy hollow steel section

- Modula design

- Made of steel Q235 or Q345

- Designed Deflection≤1/750 of span


- Independent pendent control travel along C-track

- Wireless control as option

- Cabin control as option

5-Electric Part

- Conductor power supply (as option)

- The control panels are IP54 or IP44 depends on working ambient.

- The components are positioned in a maintenance friendly way, and the whole layout provides with good protection

- Festoon cables are suspended on cable saddles, fixed to cable trolleys, running in a galvanized C-track.

- Main electric part in brand Schneider or Siemens


- Corrosion protection through rust removal by mechanical shot blasting SA 2.5

- First layer of coating epoxy 30 microns

- Second layer of coating epoxy 30 microns

- Third Layer of coating of polyurethane 40 microns

- Average thickness: about 100 microns

- Color: yellow or Orange as per requirements

7-Safe Protection

- Emergency-off switch

- Overload protect

- Earth protection

- Cross travel and long travel protection

- Lifting travel protection

- Overheating protection of motor

Features Advantages

- Light dead weight

- High performance components with economical price

- Economical spare parts

- 2 years warranty

- Easy maintenance and Easy replacement of components

- Low cost of transportation cost and fast installation


crane travelling mechanismtravelling speed(m/min)20
speed ratio58.95
Motortypecone squirrel-cage
rotational speed(r/min)1380
lifting machanism (electric hoist)&electric hoist travelling mechanismmodel of electric hoistHB,BCD,BMD
lifting speed(m/min)8/0.8,7/0.7,3.5/0.358,7,3.5
lifting height(m)6,9,12,18,24
travelling speed (m/min)20
motorcone squirrel-cage  model
working systemintermediate  Jc=25%
electric current380V         50Hz         three-phase
wheel diameterΦ270,Φ400
width of trail37-70
explosion proof gradeExdIIBT4     ExdIICT4