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How to reduce noise pollution t of double beam crane
- Sep 21, 2013 -

Noise pollution, especially in the urban environment, is increasingly disturbing people's lives.  There is clear evidence that when noise causes sleep disorders, it can lead to emotional problems such as anger, anxiety and depression.  For children, excessive noise interference can lead to problems such as learning difficulties, hyperactivity and attention deficiency.  Some researchers have even found that noise can cause heart disease.

Double beam crane is an important equipment in manufacturing equipment industry, most enterprises can not do without it, at the same time because of the noise generated in the process of use also bring occupational health problems to workers in the workplace.  Crane operators experience noise most of the time every day, in addition to the crane operators ,the help workers around the crane and the service technicians in and out of the machine room also will be affected.  So how can we minimize the noise of cranes?

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Let's first look at the main sources of noise for a double-beam crane: for noise emissions, the sound source of the crane is electric drive system, motor, mechanical device and gear.  The power supply assembly also makes noise.  In addition, the weight-bearing steel structure of the equipment is also easy to generate larger sound.  In view of the above noise causes, we can analyse the crane structure in-depth, and add materials in the area of radiation noise.  Crane walkways and other very simple steel plate structure, manufacturing and installation methods should also be strictly in accordance with the requirements of the process, to avoid radiation noise caused by large parts. 


Stiffeners can be used to dampen vibrations and acoustic barriers can be built into critical locations of the crane.  Special joints may also be used to prevent transmission of structural noise from one part to another.  However, the main approach is to minimize noise directly from the source, i.e. choose quieter components.  Such as the use of high quality three-in-one motor drive, reduce transmission parts;  The crane adopts variable frequency speed regulation system to minimize the impact of lifting and running.