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What is the use of electric grab crane
- Oct 22, 2013 -

Electric grab crane is one kind of grab crane, also called active grab crane.  It is a common wharf crane.  It is very interesting, also very widely used.

 It can be used for carrying various objects such as loading various bulk cargo, logs, minerals, coal, sandstone, earth and stone in ports, docks, station yards, mines, yards and so on.

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The main function of that electric grab bucket crane is to automatically take object because it is an automatic taking machine. the grab and discharging actions of the electric grab bucket crane are controlled by the drive of the ship unloader driver without auxiliary personnel, so that the heavy labor of workers is avoided, the auxiliary working time is saved, and the loading and unloading efficiency is greatly improved.  Not only that, but also the safety of production is improved.

By the way, when operating the electric grab crane need to standardize the operation procedures, according to the crane specification to operate, otherwise it may lead to serious consequences !In recent years, many construction projects are concentrated in the city, coupled with the city space is narrow.Crane is gradually developing towards mini - type in order to adapt to the development of the times.  It is reported that Japan has made the world's first platform tilting boom mini - machine 10 years ago.  With the continuous development of society, the downward - leaning boom is labeled as mini crane.  Gradually this new idea was extended to dematiak, kato group and other large tons of crane.

  In addition, Japan Komatsu group also developed the downward - leaning boom lw80 ( 8t ) and lw 100 - 1 ( 10t ) crane in the 90 s. At the same time Lt 300 ( 4.9t ) and lt 500 ( 12t ) " mini" cranes were also manufactured in 1993 and 1997.  These two cranes adopt fully automated technology that can easily cross significant obstacles.