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Changyuan: Held A Seminar On The Development Plan Of Lifting Machinery Export Base
- Apr 24, 2016 -

Recently, Changyuan County Industrial Agglomeration District held the "Changyuan Lifting Machinery Export Base Development Planning Symposium." Representatives of 10 related departments including Beijing Institute of Industrial Information, Xinxiang Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, Changchun County Development and Reform Commission, and 4 model companies attended the symposium.

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The development planning of export lifting machinery is an important task for the construction of the base, and the agglomeration area commissioned the Institute of Machinery Industry Information to compile it. At the meeting, Prof. Yan Enmin gave a detailed report on the development plan prepared by the research institute. The County Science and Technology Bureau Li Xiaohong, the County Statistics Bureau Feng Yiqiang, the County Industry and Commerce Bureau Zhao Qiufen and four model enterprise managers all put forward amendment opinions and suggestions for development. The plan laid the foundation for a more scientific and reasonable content.