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Green Road Of Bridge Crane Equipment In The Future
- Sep 13, 2011 -

Bridge crane is an important representative of machinery industry. everyone's impression about machinery industry is heavy metals, environmental pollution,It is actually an image of the traditional machinery industry.  In fact, now the bridge crane equipment industry also began to develop in the direction of environmental protection and energy conservation, the future of the whole machinery industry will reach the big situation of environmental protection and energy conservation.

 With the continuous improvement of green environmental protection requirements, it will be the main development direction in the future.  Bridge crane industry is no exception, with the increasing variety of construction machinery bridge crane equipment, such as road and bridge crane used in the energy consumption, emissions of pollutants have caused great pressure on the environment, the impact is difficult to repair.  In order to protect our living environment and realize global sustainable development, crane equipment manufacturers are working hard to develop new products and green production and processing technology.

 In order to meet the requirements of environmental protection, the materials selected in the design of various systems and components of the electric hoist in the crane industry should be recycled, easily decomposed, renewable and environmentally friendly materials in the process of processing and use, especially the design of structural parts. it is best to adopt the large modular structure and non-toxic materials which are easy to assemble and decompose, so as to improve the regeneration rate of engineering machinery materials.

 In addition, we can extend the service life of bridge crane equipment, reduce the production of electric hoist and reduce its scrap, so as to reduce the energy consumption of products, reduce the pollution to the environment.  From the point of view of reducing environmental load, interchangeability and universality of similar parts of each series of products should be considered as much as possible.

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