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What Are The Trends In Crane Technology?
- Apr 24, 2012 -

Crane, as a special equipment used in material handling, has been widely used in modern enterprise production and plays a more and more important role.  The development trend of crane technology is not only reflected in the expansion of the scope of use, on the other hand, the requirements of crane itself will be higher.

With the increasing production scale of enterprises, the degree of automation and intelligence is further enhanced, and the role of cranes in enterprise production will be more obvious.  At the same time, the crane in the performance of continuous development, in order to meet the needs of lifting operation requirements constantly improve.  The modern design and manufacture ability of crane is improving continuously. if we want to win the international competition, we must improve the technology of crane. Then follow me to see what is the crane technology development trend:

1.large - scale, professional and high - speed

 With the continuous development of social economy, the scale of industrial production is further expanding, the proportion of material handling and removal costs in enterprise production is more and more, so, through the use of cranes to reduce costs has become a trend.  Using large crane, can cope with heavy material loading and unloading operations.  By adopting high-speed and specialization, the reliability can be more stable and the working efficiency can be improved in the corresponding working environment.

2.modularization, combination and standardization of products

 Crane is developing towards modularization and standardization to replace the whole machine design.  The modular design can design and manufacture some components and parts with the same functions on the crane according to the process of standard modules, so that the manufactured products can produce different types and specifications of cranes by combining the modules.

 Meanwhile, according to the working principle of the crane, the generalization degree of the product can be improved, the production process can be simplified, and the manufacturing cost can be reduced.  And the user can also carry out maintenance.

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