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How to buy a suitable electric hoist device
- Nov 27, 2012 -

 How to buy a suitable electric hoist device? 

 This problem has become a problem faced by many businesses.Users in different fields and industries have their own actual needs when purchasing,So they should base on their own actual use and combine with the relevant lifting items to choose. Let's listen to the basic advice of professionals.

First, the lifting height can be said to be a key point to buy electric hoist. As it is a kind of lifting device tool,hoist lifting height is a very key parameter in the purchase.  Some of the most common specifications in the market today include 30 meters, 24 meters, 18 meters and 12 meters. there are also some electric hoists with lower lifting heights, such as 6 meters and 9 meters.

 Second, The speed of increase is also a noteworthy parameter when choosing.In short, there are two kinds of electric hoist speed on the market, one is single speed, and the other is double speed. Different fields have different requirements for speed, so people can choose according to whether they have special needs. Under normal working conditions, the use of single-speed electric hoist device can meet the overall needs.

Third, the motor power and voltage are the key components and performance of the whole device.In different use environment, there may be different motor power and voltage. So the user needs to choose according to their own actual situation, remembering that the electric hoist you choosed must conform to the standards of the field operation environment so as to make the later work more efficient.

 Fourth, the price of the device.All consumers and merchant groups hope that the price can be cheaper in the purchase of electric hoist.  However, the high quality equipment need a certain cost investment. Because the choice of raw materials and all kinds of parts affect the price trend directly. Remembering  not to blindly cling to the low price.

 Now there are a lot of electric hoist brand merchants in the market, everyone must remember to combine their own actual situation, site use conditions and budget cost, product performance and quality and other aspects to carry on the comprehensive selection in the purchase of their favorite electric lifting device.

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